A Contract with New Mexico

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Steven Carrillo who is a member of the Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education has written a wonderful op-ed piece for NMPolitics.Net. Steven is proposing a Contract with New Mexico which is very similar to the Contract with America from 1994. I support all of the acts Steven has proposed as part of this contract but two of the best acts are New Mexico is Open for Business which enacts corporate tax policies to encourage investment in New Mexico and bringing single-payer healthcare to New Mexico with the NewMexiCare Act.

Tax reform will help pay for this but the biggest income generator to support the Contract with New Mexico would be by legalizing and taxing Marijuana for both medical and recreational use.

Steven Carrillo really put a lot of thought and effort into his proposed Contract with New Mexico. I would not change or add anything to it. I recommend you read his full op ed and proposal at NMPolitics.Net.

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