Police Brutality Incident In Arizona

Yesterday the Mesa Police Department released video showing police officers repeatedly punching and kneeing an unarmed man. The police officers shove his head into an elevator door, handcuffed him, and zip-tied his feet. The unarmed man is Robert Johnson who they arrested on disorderly conduct and hindering. He has not been charged and has been released at this time. Robert Johnson did not fight back against the officers that were attacking him.

As you can see that was a violent and unnecessary ordeal.

Another incident happened in Fort Collins, Colorado except this incident included falsifying a police report by the officer involved who has not been named. On the police report he put that he body slammed a Colorado State student because she chocked him but as you can see on this video she did not touch him but he still body slammed her onto her head and left her motionless on the ground.

By liftarn (Open Clip Art Library image’s page) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Police brutality has to stop but how? How can we better train officers to understand that beating civilians to a bloody pulp is not alright? One place to start is with mental health evaluations. We need to better screen not just new recruits but all officers every year for mental illness or impairments. Being a police officer is a tough job and it takes it toll. After so many years a once fantastic officer may need to retire.

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