Bernie Sanders Screwing The Democrats?

Bernie Sanders is a great guy. I like him and most of his policies but he is unelectable in a general election. He does not stand a chance at winning. Up until this year he has been a registered independent but before his independent status he was registered as a Liberty Union Party which was according to Wikipedia was :

The Liberty Union Party of Vermont, founded in 1970 by former Congressman William H. Meyer, Peter Diamondstone, Dennis Morrisseau and others,[1][2] originated in the anti-war and People’s Party movements of the late 1960s and defines itself as a non-violent socialist party.

More recently during his independent years he has self proclaimed to be a democratic socialist. The word socialist still puts fear into a large percentage of Americans so he would not get any of the swing vote or possibly even the Democratic base. But things could get worse. What if he loses the primary election and runs as an independent. We could have a repeat of the 2000 election. If Ralph Nader was not running as an independent Al Gore would have won. You could still argue Gore did win or should have won but he would have cleanly won without Nader as he would have hands down taken Florida and New Hampshire.

I would like to see Sanders bring some new policies to light that get some momentum and public support but still lose the primary election. At that point he bows out respectfully to whoever wins and does not try to make a run as an independent.

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