The Attacks on Alpha Phi for Being a Sorority

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So this morning I was going through the news and I noticed a bunch of attacks occurring on Alpha Phi for a recruiting video the University of Alabama chapter released.

This story is running on national outlets such as Rawstory and locales ones like Alabama Local News. They are all bashing the sorority for the recruitment video saying it is overly feminising women and bringing back sexual stereotypes back to the 50’s. The video shows all white girls which are also mostly blonde. They are being bashed for only including white blonde girls in the video but that is the majority of who joins Alpha Phi. If they want to be more outraged on that it should be to get Alpha Phi to expand its membership to include more minorities. Who cares about the video but a sorority this big should have more than an estimated ~5% minority membership base.

Back to the video which does include some stupid things like blowing glitter, bubbles, and holding hands.

Thats the video that has stirred the hornets nest this weekend. First come on Alpha Phi..lets get some decent quality videos. The quality sucks big time. Other chapters have done much better in their recruitment videos which are at the bottom of this page. Lets be real here. This is a recruitment video for a sorority not a social services organization. It is supposed to be a fun group to network with and party. Thats its purpose. Not to make the world a better place but to help make college fun and to hopefully have some connections for life.

Here are some recruitment videos from other Alpha Phi chapters.

I am all for feminism and women employment but I think this is an overreaction. More important aspects of equal opportunities exist within the Greek system that should be receiving this attention.

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