Sarah Palin Still Nutso

Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook page supporting the Duggar clan. That on its own is fine but she then goes in to rip into Lena Dunham for writing about herself as a child when she briber her sister with Candy to show her  undeveloped vagina area. While Dunham’s book is a memoir of shorts they are not exactly the same thing which happened with the Duggar family but sexual assault is almost never identical. I am not sold on Josh Duggar being the antichrist either which the media is trying to portray him out to be. He was a kid when this all went down ten years ago. The reason juvenile records are sealed is because kids do stupid things. This was a sealed record which never should have gotten out. Never should have cost him his job either but it did.

By Ryan McFarland from Petersburg, AK ( [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Sarah Palin seems to have given up on her political career and just wants to make money on the speaking circuit or promoting her own products. At least I hope thats it but you can read her full post on Facebook. The bottom line is no two sexual assaults are typically ever going to be identical. I could go into the various ways these two are not the same like the fact one of them involved touching and one didn’t but that doesn’t matter. What matters is Palin is somehow sticking by someone who has her own political views but in the same paragraph throws under someone she considers the enemy for a similar offense.

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