High School Students Speaks About Jehovah’s Witnesses Abuse

Brie recently spoke during her religious history class at Lincoln High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. She recalls her own experience with the Jehovah’s Witnesses faith. Brie was raised a Jehovah’s Witness until the age of 12. She tells the story of what made her leave the religion. She was at the beach and she texted a boy in her congregation. She ended up sending him a photo of her and a friend at the beach. A few days later elders came to her house to discuss her actions. They forced her to admin to making him masturbate.

She is preparing for her disfellowshipping due to this video. She also hopes it occurs after her graduation this week so her family will be allowed to attend. She knows what to expect with disfellowshipping as her father was a few years ago. She is not supposed to have anything to do with him but she still defies that and has a relationship with her father. I know horrible right?

In her speech she goes into the fear the church spreads such as everyone outside of the organization will be sent to Armageddon and that they specifically told her that her own father would be going there too. I am sure we all know how Jehovahs Witnesses treat women but she also goes into how they are must practice absolute obedience of any men and never question them. Any decision made by men is the law. She goes into stories from her own church including a wife who had an abusive husband. She filed for a divorce and was excommunicated immediately. The church elders assisted her husband in the divorce and helped him get full custody. They do not allow her children to speak to her so during her visitation they just sat at the same table but never responded to her at all.

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