Andrew Yang for President

Andrew Yang is running for president. He is a long shot but may be the best candidate. He does not have the name recognition of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or even Elizabeth Warren but he has the biggest heart and is the most intelligent of all of them. Unlike our current president he has a brain.

If after listening to the Joe Rogan Experience with Andrew Yang does not make you excited and want to support Andrew Yang, well you must not have watched the full thing. I know it is a little long but it will blow your mind.

Andrew Yang has so many detailed plans he could not go over all of them on Joe Rogan. You can go over all of his policies on his website which he outlines beautifully.

I have no bad feelings for Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, or Elizabeth Warren and I would gladly support either of them if they became the nominee of the Democratic party but we need Andrew Yang to bring us forward into the future. He is the only candidate that will truly bring the country forward and not just repair the damage caused by Donald Trump.

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